Clear Dog Crate to Gate


Amazing product!! Wanted a crate that for my dog that didn’t look clunky and bulky. I wanted it to fit the sleek, more modern, minimalist room the crate would be in. Definitely shelled out $$$ for this but I love it so much. Wait time for it to ship and get to me wasn’t that long either. This acrylic material is excellent quality and sturdy, not some cheap plastic!! I got the chrome hardware, so I’m wondering if down the line, I can swap for brass and install myself. The one thing I would’ve really liked is for the door to be removable so my dog could have an open walkway to go in/out of the crate without a swinging door. Only thing left to do is get a doggy bed that fits the crate dimensions better. And also, you may wanna get a hold of some windex in case your dog gets his snoot on crate 🐶

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